Banana kush

Banana kush

Banana Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid ( 60% Indica / 40% Sativa ). It has been developed as a result of a crossbreed between Skunk Haze and Ghost OG strains. THC levels of this popular strain are 17-25%, CBD levels are less than 1%.

The buds of Banana Kush are bright green, with radiant yellow and orange pistils, frosted with a sparkly trichomes coating.

The smoke of this strain is very smooth, and aromatic, deep flavors of fruit and tangy kush are well complemented by a fresh banana scent that can be felt as soon as combusted.

Even though Banana Kush an Indica dominant strain, its effects are very different from what you would usually experience. While it is deeply relaxing for both mind and body, this strain creates an uplifting vibe that lasts throughout the whole experience. It creates clarity, promotes motivation, focus, boosts creativity. It is known to be the best accompaniment to all things art and creativity related. Meeting with like-minded friends will be a blast after an intake. Helps with anxiety, releases stress, and worry. Best if taken in the evening and at night time.





Positive effects:






Adverse Effects:

dry eyes

dry mouth


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  1. I don’t like to write, but decided to do it for this strain cannabis strain. After visiting your store I was impressed with how many cannabis strain options you carry there. Good job guys. Banana Kush what what I got from you store was most is definitely deep with flavors. fruity and Banana taste tested 29% THc. This indica strain. Highly recommend.


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